George Zimmerman’s Parents Want Roseanne To Pay For Their Dirty Laundry

George Zimmerman’s parents say Roseanne was so heinous toward them … she should be forced to pay for their dirty laundry.

Robert and Gladys Zimmerman say they were forced to pay thousands of bucks for laundry and other expenses they would not have incurred had Roseanne not forced them out of their house by tweeting out their address.

The Zimmermans say they could have washed their clothes at home, but ended up spending $7,700 on cleaning their dirty duds and racking up other living expenses.

But the Zimmermans want a lot more. In new legal docs they want: $6,900 in hotel costs, $22,800 rent and $600,000 for emotional distress

Roseanne filed her own docs … calling BS … because the parents sought out public exposure by self-publishing a book about the murder trial.

Plus … she says their address was already public information — which anybody could just Google.