Jon Stewart Finally Finds the One Gun the NRA Does Not Like…[VIDEO]

Watch Jon Stewart video below:

Jon Stewart revealed Tuesday night that the NRA’s fight to let people get whatever guns they want has finally come up against its greatest foe yet: the NRA. Yes, there is actually a gun out there that the NRA is actually fighting not to have on the market…

Stewart first mocked the outcry over Chipotle banning guns (an assault on freedom so dire Stewart cried, “Why don’t I just let the king of England shit in my mouth?”) before getting to the “smart gun” issue. See, smart guns would actually make sure your gun can only be used by you and no one else, but apparently the NRA is outraged, which Stewart just didn’t quite understand.

And even with New Jersey working out a deal with the NRA that “will repeal a gun control law if, in return, you consent to let people sell more guns,” the NRA isn’t budging. Which led Stewart to catch the logic trap that is the NRA finally finding a gun they are objecting to putting on the market.


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