Major Landslide Swallows Several Cars Along 26th Street In Baltimore

Part of the road along E. 26th Street collapsed down onto the CSX tracks below. At least 10 cars parked along that street have fallen down onto the railroad tracks.

“The building shook at about 3:45 like a train derailed. We came running out here and the side of 26th Street just collapsed into the pit where CSX trains go,” one man said. “The wall, the lights, the cars–everything parked on that side of the street–gone.”

“We stood back and then within a 10-second period of time the whole… it’s like the ground opened up and the cars just kind of slid down and the whole retaining wall just gave way,” a man whose own car slid down said. “There was a giant crash and a plume of dust. One neighbor was screaming and crying. It was pretty traumatic.”

An hour before the collapse, neighbors knew something was wrong.

Source: CBS Baltimore