Brian Schweitzer: Eric Cantor Sets Off My ‘Gaydar’ – Bye Bye Presidental Run

SchweitzerJournalist Marin Cogan, who profiled Schweitzer in National Journal, phoned the former governor on the evening of Cantor’s stunning defeat in the Virginia GOP primary this month. Though Cogan’s article doesn’t say whether Schweitzer commented on Cantor’s election loss, he did share his thoughts on Cantor’s sexuality.

“Don’t hold this against me, but I’m going to blurt it out,” Schweitzer is quoted as saying. “How do I say this … men in the South, they are a little effeminate. They just have effeminate mannerisms. If you were just a regular person, you turned on the TV, and you saw Eric Cantor talking, I would say — and I’m fine with gay people, that’s all right — but my gaydar is 60-70 percent. But he’s not, I think, so I don’t know. Again, I couldn’t care less. I’m accepting.”

Schweitzer later apologized on Facebook, the best place for apologies on the net.