[VIDEO] Jon Stewart on Fox News Full of ‘Dicks’ & CNN’s ‘Blowing Itself’

Watch Jon Stewart on Fox News Full of ‘Dicks’ and CNN’s ‘Blowing Itself’ over Hillary:

Jon Stewart tore into Fox News on Wednesday night for being such “dicks” about a Benghazi victory after over a year of complaining about the Obama administration not doing anything about it. He mocked them for increasingly “stupider complaints” about the capture of a Benghazi suspect conveying some kind of message that “the world revolves around Fox.”

But Fox News wasn’t just talking about that, they also scored an “exclusive” sitdown with Hillary Clinton! On the same night as CNN’s “exclusive” with Clinton! And while Fox’s ménage-à-trois struck Stewart as a little weird, CNN’s over-the-top self-congratulation really threw him for a loop.

CNN hyped its own town hall all day and had a town hall special following their town hall in which literally everyone and everything received a huge round of applause. Stewart compared CNN to Ron Jeremy because at this point, “you’re the only network that can blow itself.”