No Charges for Gov. Scott Walker In Criminal Investigation

No Charges for Gov. Scott Walker

The lawyer for the special prosecutor investigating Wisconsin governor Scott Walker said in a statement on Thursday that there was no need to pursue the investigation into the recall election. Speaking about documents unsealed last week, he said they “outlined the prosecutor’s legal theory, they did not establish the existence of a crime; rather, they were arguments in support of further investigation to determine if criminal charges against any person or entity are warranted.” The lawyer was speaking about a line in the released affidavits that talked about “extensive unlawful acidity involving” Walker. However, the lawyer said, Walker was neither a target of the investigation when it was stopped by a federal judge, nor was he ever served with a subpoena. “After the media’s slanderous reporting last week, today’s statement by prosecutors should serve as an opportunity for the media to correct the record and report the real facts of this story,” Walker’s campaign said.