Stripper Crime Ring Stole $190K

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Five strippers were charged in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday and Wednesday for stealing customers’ credit cards and racking up charges of $190,000. Prosecutors say that from September through December of last year, the women targeted four wealthy men: two in the financial industry, a lawyer, and a doctor. They would arrange to meet them and secretly drug them with ketamine, MDMA, and other substances, then bring them to private rooms at Scores or Roadhouse in Queens and forge their signatures on credit-card receipts to the clubs, according to court documents. Authorities say Samantha Barbash, 40, Roselyn Keo, 29, Marsi Rosen, 28, and Karina Pascucci, 26, would get cuts of whatever their victims “spent.” In the morning, the men woke up with no recollection of what happened the previous evening. “The defendants were banking on the victims being too afraid to contact the police,” said Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brenna. “They made a serious miscalculation.”