[VIDEO] Watch Heritage Foundation Panel Flip out on Muslim Lady

Heritage Foundation panel he attended that eventually deteriorated into the ugly taunting of a Muslim-American woman. Rev. Al Sharpton is on this story.

Heritage Foundation is a right wing “Think Tank” headed by Jim DeMint.

β€œWe portray Islam and all Muslims as bad, but there’s 1.8 billion followers of Islam,” Ahmed reportedly told the panel. β€œWe have 8 million-plus Muslim Americans in this country, and I don’t see them represented here.”

Gabriel was the first to attack, responding that β€œ180 million to 300 million” Muslims are β€œdedicated to the destruction of Western civilization” and that the β€œpeaceful majority” of the world’s Muslims β€œwere irrelevant” on Sept. 11, 2001. Besides, Muslims are like Nazis, Gabriel argued that β€œMost Germans were peaceful,” she said, β€œyet the Nazis drove the agenda, and as a result, 60 million died.”