Violent Protests in Brazil Lead Up to World Cup

Protesters who oppose the implementation of the World Cup clashed with military police in Sao Paulo, within hours of the start of the event, scheduled for 17 in this Brazilian city.


world cup protests police clash with  protesters

The troops fired tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters identified with the “anti-glass” movement and initially two detainees were counted, Folha appropriated in its online edition.

The riots, which continued past 1030, occurred in the vicinity of Carrao subway station, on the east side of São Paulo.

In addition, a group of demonstrators today blocked the main access route from Rio de Janeiro airport as part of the strike by employees of the terminal, but flights operated smoothly.

The demonstrations at the airport in Rio were promoted by an organization identified as Internationalist Front of the Homeless and supported by some strikers, causing a huge bottleneck that affected hundreds of passengers on their way to the terminal.

Unionists picketed at 7.30 against the entry Tom Jobim airport, which affected passenger traffic, some of whom said they had lost their flights, while a strike was recorded in Rio station Santos Dumond, of domestic flights, reported and the ANSA news agency EFE.

Workers in St. Paul metro rescinded the strike had been announced for today, when the inaugural match of the Cup will be played in the stadium of the city Itaquerao between selected Brazil and Croatia.

Subway employees conducted a crackdown that lasted from Thursday to Monday, which resulted in traffic chaos the country’s most populous city.