Putin Sets $110k Bounty for Cracking Privacy Software ‘Tor’

The free software, engineered by the nonprofit Tor Project

Putin Has Set a $110k Bounty for Cracking The Privacy Software ‘Tor’.

Cracking Tor is another thing Putin wants to defeat. International condemnation is not enough. Business insider reported that Putin has had enough of this kind of privacy solution as the TOR (read more about Tor) userbase grows in Russia and Putin has less access to his enemies.

Russian hackers there have threatened to break into the power grid and successfully infiltrated the Nasdaq. U.S. officials fear that Russian hackers may respond to recent sanctions with cyber-attacks and are shoring up its defences.

Tor is free software, engineered by the nonprofit Tor Project, sends user’s traffic across various nodes around the world, encrypting it at every layer & making it extremely difficult to track. CHECK IT OUT at torproject.org.