Rob Ford Back To Work Apologizes And Asks For Forgiveness [VIDEO]

Watch Rob Ford’s Post Rehab Speech VIDEO:

Rob Ford was apologetic in an impassioned first public speech after a stint in rehab and two months away from his job as Toronto’s mayor. Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow wished Ford well but called him a ‘failed mayor.’
Pronouncing himself “ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated,” Mayor Rob Ford acknowledged a substance abuse problem, offered a general apology to Toronto residents, and said he is changing his life. Then he delivered a campaign speech.
In his first address after a two-month leave of absence, on Monday, Ford spoke more frankly than ever about his use of drugs and alcohol. He said he accepts sole responsibility for “poor judgment” and for a “hurtful and degrading” comment about rival Karen Stintz. He admitted for the first time that his addictions have affected his work.
He soon pivoted to politics. After showing rare contrition and emotion, he returned to his standard rhetoric on taxes, subways and “the gravy train.” He took no questions.
“I think that his refusal to answer questions today is a further indication that he doesn’t get it,” said candidate John Tory, who repeated his call for Ford’s resignation.

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