Where’s the Beef? Mcdonald’s Pulls All Burgers Off Menu in China

Wait what? There is actually beef in McDonald’s hamburgers? That’s news to me but where’s the beef now? Not at Mcdonald’s in China. And all over Old Meat!

mcdonalds china beefThe Scandal at a American owned supplier has banned favourite items from McDonald’s menus across China Some branches selling only drinks, fries, desserts, and if you’re lucky, maybe a filet ‘O fish on Monday. The chain withdrew all its’ meat products, including Big Macs and the Quarter Pounder, from stores across mainland China and Hong Kong. All this happened after a TV station showed video that supposedly showed the supplier reprocessing & selling meat past its expiry date. This is a practice that many sketchy supermarkets have used in the U.S. for years.

Regulators closed the facilities of Shanghai based Husi Food, whose parent company is Illinois OSI Group Inc., leaving McDonalds without enough meat in China where it has its third largest number of restaurants in the world and warned it could be early August before the problem is resolved. The scandal also hit Yum Brands, the parent company of KFC, although KFC restaurants were not hit since they do chicken right. The scandal could be a major problem for OSI, which reportedly has been supplying McDonalds in China since 1992 and KFC and Pizza Hut since 2008.