Google buys neural network city guide creator Jetpac

Google buys neural network city guide creator Jetpac

Artificial intelligence-based method of creating guides to cities using public photos appealed to Google’s drive for building smart systems.

Google is buying Jetpac, a β€œcity guides” company with a twist which used image recognition and neural network technology to recommend places it deemed the happiest, most popular or with the best views and scenic hikes.

Jetpac offered special β€œCity Guides” for more than 6,000 destinations, using neural network technology developed by Pete Warden, the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

β€œWe can spot lipstick, blue sky views, hipster moustaches and more, through advanced image processing on billions of photos,” Jetpac’s home page explains. The app worked by analysing public photos with location data shared on Flickr, Instagram and other photo networks for particular elements, and then extracting key elements about them.