Trump: Sharpton’s ‘Not the Bad Guy People Think’

Fox News military analyst Donald Trump appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning to discuss the death of Eric Garner from an NYPD chokehold โ€” which he found โ€œterrible,โ€ for the record โ€” and reserved some praise for Al Sharpton, who has criticized the NYPD over Garnerโ€™s death, since ruled a homicide.

โ€œI know Al Sharpton very well,โ€ Trump said. โ€œBelieve it or not heโ€™s a friend of mine. He came up to visit me recently. He said something about me that he wanted to apologize for. He actually came up to my office. I understand Al. Al does his thing.โ€

The F&F crew asked what Sharpton had apologized for.

โ€œWell, he called me a racist,โ€ Trump said. โ€œAnd he came up to my office to apologize. He said he didnโ€™t mean it. I respect him for that. But Iโ€™ve known Al a long time and heโ€™s a true character. Actually heโ€™s much different. Heโ€™s not the bad guy that a lot of people think he is.โ€