Was Google Images Hacked by Russia or Just a Bad Algorithm?

When we searched google images this morning we were getting some strange results.

When searching Google Images we found every search shows a few relevant pictures, and then nothing but images of a Russian car crash with a sign showing CTON. Checked with mates and same thing. Don’t bother turning off extensions in Chrome, you will get the same result? BUT if, I click on one of the images it will show a relavent images, but the thumbnails on the result page are seemingly spammed with this Russia car crash.

More info on what CTON is and if there is more info to come. The mystery continues. Here is a screenshot.



Check out what the WSJ posted just now:

Google was hit with a disruption Tuesday where some searches yielded results that included a repeating image of what appeared to be a car crash somewhere in Russia.

The image appears to show a photo of a badly mangled car near a sign that says β€œstop” in Russian. It wasn’t clear if the image was an authentic photo or altered in any way. The repeating image isn’t affecting everyone who runs a search on Google and it isn’t clear whether it is the result of a bug or a hacking attack.

The image appears in several areas. Search Google for β€œEmmys,” for example, and the image is included in the cluster of news stories. Switch the filter to β€œimages” and after a few legitimate results the crash image appears and endlessly repeats.