Google Shows Old Version of Homepage to Users with Old Browsers

Google has started showing old versions of its search page to people using out-of-date versions of some web browsers.

At the weekend, many people reported in a Google forum they were seeing 2013 versions of the Google and image search homepages when using older browsers.

The problem was most pronounced among those using variants of Safari 5.1 and Opera 12.

A Google message posted to the forum said the change was made to “encourage” people to upgrade their browser.

A Google employee reported on their forum:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the reports. I want to assure you this isn’t a bug, it’s working as intended.

We’re continually making improvements to Search, so we can only provide limited support for some outdated browsers. We encourage everyone to make the free upgrade to modern browsers — they’re more secure and provide a better web experience overall.


Some people seem outraged over this, but seems like common sense.

Google 'discourages' users of old browsers