Obama Says US Will ‘Degrade and Ultimately Defeat’ ISIS Like Al Qaeda [VIDEO]

Obama Says US Will ‘Degrade and Ultimately Defeat’ ISIS Like Al Qaeda [VIDEO]

The U.S. is β€œgoing to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIL the same way we have gone after al Qaeda,” President Obama said of the terrorist group that recently took credit for beheading American journalists Steven Sotloff and James Foley.

The militant group, also known as ISIS, β€œposes a long-term threat to the safety and security of NATO members,” Obama said at a press conference in Newport, Wales. β€œWe have a critical role to play in rolling back this savage organization.”

The president advocated systematically β€œtaking the fight to” ISIS in much the same way the U.S. combated al Qaeda.

β€œYou initially push them back, you systematically degrade their capabilities, you narrow their scope of action, you slowly shrink the space, the territory that they control, you take out their leadership, and over time, they are not able to conduct the same kinds of terrorist attacks that they once could,” Obama said, adding that U.S. combat troops would not be deployed to the region.

β€œI don’t think that’s necessary for us to accomplish our goal,” he said. Instead, the American military will work to strengthen Iraqi and Syrian forces already on the ground.

Obama also called for a β€œstrategic communications effort so that we are discouraging people from thinking that [ISIS] represents a state, much less a caliphate.”

β€œThat’s not what Islam is about,” he added.