Plane believed to be Glazer’s Crashes into Ocean North of Jamaica

A small plane believed to be registered to Rochester developer Larry Glazer was unresponsive for miles and has crashed into the ocean near the island of Jamaica.

The Glazer’s son said Larry Glazer and his wife, Jane were onboard.

Search and rescue teams on way to site of crashed plane off coast of eastern Jamaica: Jamaica Civil Aviation

The North American Aerospace Defense Command issued a news release at 12:50 p.m. saying it had scrambled two F-15 fighter jets to intercept a Naples, Fla.-bound Socata TBM-900 that took off from Rochester this morning. The release said the the occupants of the plane “did not respond to attempts to communicate.”, showed an errant plane south of Florida, but lists it as a Socata TBM-900 with a tail number as N900KN. That is the same tail number on the plane registered to Glazer, according to the Federal Aviation Administration and published publicity photos featuring Glazer.