Rob Ford Has Rare Form of Cancer called Liposarcoma

Rob Ford has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. The Toronto mayor has been hospitalized since last week for a tumor in his abdomen, which doctors now conclude is a malignant liposarcoma. “It comprises about one per cent only of all cancers. It has about 60 different cell types,” said Dr. Zane Cohen at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital. In the next two days, Ford will begin two rounds of chemotherapy, which will last approximately 40 days. Doctors have also found a “small nodule” in Ford’s buttocks, which is part of the same tumor discovered last week. Ford has a long and public history of drug abuse, but he went to rehab this past summer and planned to run for re-election. Ford withdrew from the mayor’s race on Friday. His brother, Doug, will run in his place.

Rob Ford Has Rare Cancer