Women Hid Stolen Watches in Their Vaginas in Bizarre Vegas Theft [VIDEO]

In what has to be the strangest crime story of the week, three women in Las Vegas have been arrested after reported seducing some tourist men, stealing their watches and then smuggling them out of the Encore hotel and casino in their vaginas. Bryanna Warren, Trinity Kennard and Charmella Triggs were all charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit grand larceny and conspiracy to commit robbery.

The victims and perpetrators reportedly engaged in sexual acts in the hotel room. When one of the men tried to chase the women into the hall after releasing the watches were missing, Triggs reportedly pulled a stun gun on him. Police were able to catch the women after viewing elevator surveillance video that showed them inserting the watches into their bodies.

β€œI thought when stuff like this happens it’s just like a personal thing. I didn’t think police would get involved and I could go to jail,” Kennard told a reporter for KNTV in a jailhouse interview. She expressed surprise that the way she and her friends tried to take the watches out of the hotel was the element of the story that was capturing the public’s interest.