[VIDEO] Lawsuit Against Cops That Smashed Window, Tasered Passenger

A family is suing a police department after a traffic stop ended with officers smashing a car window and using a Taser. The episode was caught on cellphone camera by the driver’s 14-year-old son who was on the back seat. Lawyers for Lisa Mahone and her boyfriend Jamal Jones say excessive force was used during the Sep. 25 incident in Hammond, Indiana, which began when Mahone was stopped and ticketed for not wearing a seat belt.

In the video, officers ask Jones, who was in the passenger seat, to show his ID. However, he did not have his license on him. Officers then appear to draw guns and order him out of the car, prompting Mahone to call 911. The video shows police smashing the passenger window and using a Taser on Jones. Lawyers say two children suffered minor cuts from flying glass. The lawsuit alleges excessive force, false arrest and battery. Attorney Dana Kurtz said the lawsuit “seeks to hold police accountable to this type of unnecessary violence can stop.”