‘Leaked’ Michael Brown Autopsy To Portray Him In Negative Way

Radio host and CNN contributor Mo Ivory told the network Thursday morning that the leaking of the Michael Brown autopsy and information about African American witnesses during the grand jury hearing, both of which reportedly confirm Officer Darren Wilson’s account of the shooting, sure was suspicious.

“This is all an attempt to continue to paint Michael Brown in a negative manner, to set up a defense for officer Wilson,” Ivory said. “It’s really disturbing that this is the manner in which the information is coming out.”

Ivory pointed out that Brown’s family had been asking for the St. Louis county autopsy for months, yet it got leaked instead to the St. Louis Dispatch.

Ditto the witnesses: “How ironic — oh, now there’s seven black people that agree with what Officer Wilson says, is his side of the story. Who are they? Where have they been? Why haven’t they talked about before? Why can’t they come out? The witnesses that spoke about Michael Brown, they’ve been fine, they’ve protected, they haven’t seen any harm come to them. So all of a sudden now there’s seven or eight black people that are afraid to say anything?”

“It sounds all so shady,” Ivory concluded. “This is the reason why people have such a distrust of the process.”

'Leaked' Michael Brown Autopsy To Portray Him In Negative Way