Jon Stewart: News Ebola Freak Out: Listen to Your Own Experts! [VIDEO]

Stewart Rips Networks Freaking Out About Ebola: Listen to Your Own Experts!

Jon Stewart went after the media freakouts this week over Ebola in the U.S., suggesting that maybe they start listening to all those experts they keep bringing on. He listened to all the panicked questions and cried, “What is wrong with you people?!”

Stewart marveled at how all these news networks bring on experts but they completely ignore them just to freak out again. Hell, sometimes they even bring on experts who will “validate their hysteria.”

But news networks are also talking to members of Congress (“the opposite of an expert,” as Stewart put it), and even one of them isn’t listening to the experts. Stewart deduced he must have a “sanity-resistant strain of fear that has now gone airborne.”