Cosby Accused of Paying Off Women at NBC

Cosby Accused of Paying Off Women at NBCA former NBC employee says he delivered payouts to eight different women on behalf of Bill Cosby during the period of 1989-1990. Frank Scotti says the star would give him β€œa satchel of money, all $100 bills.” He also says that Cosby also had an arrangement with a Manhattan modeling agency to deliver young women to his dressing room, some of whom, Scotti alleges, were as young as 16. β€œHe had everybody fooled,” Scotti, now 90, said, β€œNobody suspected.” Scotti says he has decided to speak up now because of all of the accusations of sexual abuse, claiming β€œI felt sorry for the women.” β€œIt bothered me… You’ve got all of these kids, every time,” he told the New York Daily News. β€œI used to like him, but that’s the reason I quit him after so many yearsβ€”because of the girls.” In response to the allegations, Cosby lawyer Martin Singer sneered, β€œWhat evidence does he have of Mr. Cosby’s involvement? How would Scotti know if a woman was a model or a secretary? It appears that his story is pure speculation so that he can get his 15 minutes of fame.”