Harrowing Details Of Slaughtered Students, 43 Abductions In Mexico

Harrowing Details Of Slaughtered Students, 43 Abductions As Orchestrated By Mayorโ€™s Wife In MexicoOn Sept 27, a body of a 22-year-old student was found spread on a street in Iguala, Mexico with his face skin peeled off and his eyes gouged out. Forty-three other students remain missing, three other students died and one in a coma in a criminal scandal allegedly orchestrated by the town’s ex-mayor’s wife.

On the night of Sept 26, 100 student teachers, including Julio Cesar Mondragon, rode a bus to Iguala to protest against the candidacy of Maria de los Angeles Pineda, the town ex-mayor’s wife. While travelling, the bus was stopped and shoot by Iguala police officers. Mondragon was later found with peeled skin and gouged eyes, three other students died, with one 19-year-old student identified as Aldo Gutierrez shot in the head and had since been in a coma. The other 43 students were reportedly abducted by the Iguala police and remain missing up until this very day.

A friend of Mondragon said he saw all of his face skin was missing and his eyes were removed. The body was only recognizable because of the clothes he was wearing. The Iguala police officers are being associated to a criminal gang that has strong control with the local government, Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam told CNN.

Former Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife were arrested Tuesday for allegedly orchestrating the crime. The couple, with the town’s director of public safety are the “probable masterminds,” Mexican officials alleged.