Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant turns down Β£500MILLION to reform

Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant turns down Β£500MILLION to reform supergroupLed Zeppelin’s Robert Plant has turned down a Whole Lotta Lolly – more than Β£500MILLION – to reform the band for the dearest tour in history.

The rock legend ripped up Sir Richard Branson’s contract for 35 dates in three cities in front of astonished promoters after the other members of the supergroup all signed up.

The tour would have earned singer Plant and fellow founders Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones Β£190million each before tax.

But Plant, 66, said he thought it wasn’t the right thing to do.

A source close to the group said: β€œThey have tried to talk him round but there is no chance.

β€œHis mind is made up and that’s that.”

Virgin tycoon Branson, 64, has been a lifelong fan of the band.

He was getting ready to rebrand one of his Jumbo jets β€œThe Starship” to fly the group around the venues.