Man Arrested for Brandishing Banana Like a Gun [VIDEO]

Man Arrested for Brandishing Banana Like a GunA Colorado man thought it would be hilarious to find a deputy at night and point a banana at him like a gun.

He tried it this week and was immediately arrested.

Nathan Channing, according to the two deputies on scene, was walking on the sidewalk and pulled an object out of his coat, pointing at a deputy in his car, which was just passing by.

The deputy didn’t get a good look at what he was holding, but believed it to be a weapon, and called up another deputy in the area. The second deputy drove over, got out of his car, and confronted Channing. He quickly realized it was a banana.

Channing explained he was just doing it as a gag and wanted to post video of the encounter online. Nevertheless, he was arrested and charged for putting the deputies β€œin imminent fear” by pretending he was aiming a weapon at them.