Man Who Fatally Ran over Black Man Blames Obama

Man Who Fatally Ran over Black Man Blames ObamaLast year, Joseph Paul Leonard Jr. got into an altercation with and ran over Toussaint Harrison, an African-American man. Leonard ran right into Harrison and after he ran him over, he got out of his car and kicked him with his steel-toed boots.

Harrison died in the hospital two days later.

Leonard was in court this week, charged with a racially motivated attack (as well as attempted murder of a friend of Harrison’s). The charges note that Leonard attacked them β€œbecause of the victim’s status and perceived ethnicity.” And this was perhaps something to do with it:

β€œJust because we got Obama for a president, these people think they are real special,” Leonard said, while sitting in the back of a sheriff’s patrol car after his arrest for his vehicular assault on Toussaint Harrison, 34.
This is perhaps slightly more damning than the time some crazy accused serial foot licker blamed Obama for setting him up.