Palestinians Stab Israelis in Attacks

Palestinians Stab Israelis in AttacksA 25-year-old woman and an Israeli soldier were stabbed to death, seperately, in two attacks by Palestinians in Israel on Monday. The woman was killed near Gush Etzion, which is where three Israeli teens were kidnapped and murdered in June. During that attack, two other people were wounded: One victim was stabbed in the abdomen and another was stabbed in the face. A guard at the entrance to the settlement shot the suspect on the spot. The solider from the earlier attack is in critical condition. Monday’s two incidents come on the heels of three other attacks by Palestinians: On Oct. 23, one ran over people waiting at a train station with his car; on Oct. 30, a man shot Jewish activist Yehuda Glick; on Nov. 5, two people were killed and several wounded when a man drove his van into a crowd.