Remembrance Day marked as veterans groups rail against government

Remembrance Day marked as veterans groups rail against governmentCanadians will gather to mark Remembrance Day today, but two groups of veterans are expressing anger at the Conservative government over its policies.

The main Remembrance Day event in Ottawa will be held at the National War Memorial, where Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot and killed nearly three weeks ago, two days after a man in Quebec drove his car into Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, killing him.

Ottawa police said there will be an increased police presence around the memorial where Cirillo was gunned down the morning of Oct. 22, and off-duty officers will be able to wear their uniforms to the ceremony and carry their sidearms.

The ceremony comes as the government faces criticism over its plan for the National War Memorial itself. Veterans Affairs said Monday that it will inscribe the dates of the wars in Afghanistan and South Africa โ€” the Boer War โ€” on the war memorial, something to which the Royal Canadian Legion objects.

The inscription “In Service to Canada / Au service du Canada” will also be added to the memorial to formally recognize all Canadians who served in the past, serve now or will serve in the future, according to a news release from Veterans Affairs.