US air strikes destroy Leaders Isis Convoy

US air strikes destroyed a moving, 10-vehicle Islamic State convoy near the Iraqi city of Mosul on Saturday, officials said, but it was unclear whether the group’s top commander, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was present at the time.

Earlier, the al-Hadath station, which is part of Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television, reported that US-led strikes had targeted a gathering of Isis leaders in Iraq, possibly including al-Baghdadi.

Two witnesses told Reuters an air strike had targeted a house where senior Isis officers were meeting, near the western Iraqi border town of al-Qaim, and said Isis fighters had cleared a hospital so that their wounded could be treated, using loudspeakers to urge residents to donate blood.

Residents said there were unconfirmed reports that Isis’s local leader in the western Iraqi province of Anbar and his deputy were killed.

An Isis supporter contacted by Reuters said the strike hit a local market, killing at least eight people.

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