[VIDEO] CIA Chief Defends Agency after Torture Report

Brennan never used the word “torture” to describe the CIA’s tactics. And he deflected a question about whether, in the interest of transparency, he supported the Senate Intelligence Committee’s decision to release its report.

“I think there’s been more than enough transparency that’s happened over the last couple days,” he said. “I think it’s over the top.”

Brennan’s comments, in a rare news conference, come two days after a Senate panel released a blockbuster 528-page report detailing “enhanced interrogation techniques” including mock executions, rectal rehydration, sleep deprivation and beatings in interrogations in the mid-2000s.

He admitted that some CIA officers’ actions were “not authorized, were abhorrent and rightly should be repudiated by all. And we fell short in holding some officers accountable for their mistakes.”
Brennan acknowledged that the agency sometimes exceeded its legal authority during interrogations of terrorism suspects.