Creed’s Scott Stapp – Shocking Audio of a Crumbling Man [VIDEO]

Scott Stapp is circling the drain … it’s incredibly sad and extremely evident from 4 recent recordings which show the desperation of the former Creed frontman.
In clip #1 Stapp made a desperate 911 call last month from the side of a Florida highway, telling the dispatcher he’s trying to dodge a group of people out to kill him.
In clip #2 In the same conversation, a panicked Stapp tells a dispatcher 15 vehicles are following him and he’s been on the run for 36 hours straight.
In Clip #3 Stapp placed a call to the dean of his kidโ€™s school last month, warning that ISIS will attack the people of Florida, and he knows that because the terrorists are members of his family.
Finally, in Clip #4 Stapp accuses his wife Jaclyn of stealing his truck. The singer claims his wife has blackmailed him, saying she will ruin his career if he blows the whistle on her to cops.
As TMZ reported, Stapp’s wife claims Stapp is deep into drugs and is trying to get him committed to a psych hospital for 60 days.