Does Broome County really need a casino?

Broome_County_CourthouseControversial plans have been put forward recently to build a casino in the Southern Tier. The potential developments have attracted both criticism and praise from various commentators, many of whom argue that it is a necessary evil for the region.

If the plans go ahead, a new venue named the Traditions at the Glen Casino will be built in the Southern Tier near the Pennsylvania border.

The current economic climate is cited as the biggest reason for a casino to come to the region. The Broome County Executive Debra Preston has said herself that the casino is absolutely essential for the area. She said in a recent blog post: โ€œAs Broome County executive, I feel strongly that choosing the Traditions at the Glen Casino proposal would result in an economic boom not only for the Southern Tier, but the entire state of New York.โ€

Preston went on to cite location as a prime example of why the Traditions at the Glen Casino would be such a lucrative venture for New York. Indeed, her point cannot be argued; the proposed casino would be near the intersection of three major interstate highways, giving those who regularly pass through the border a choice of luxury accommodation which will inevitably bolster the economy in the state.

Moreover, Preston stated that the casino would also bring in further revenue for other attractions in the state, including local stores, an AHL hockey team and a Double-A baseball team.

However, representatives in neighboring states may not be so happy to see the plans going ahead. Recent discussions over laws regarding sports betting have caused controversy for the state of New Jersey. Proposals were put forward in October to legalize the practice in order to bring in extra revenue for a state whose main tourist attraction, Atlantic City, is now suffering from increased competition.

Indeed, online gambling also has its part to play in the dwindling revenues of the previously thriving gambling region. Online gambling has been legal in the state of New Jersey for a year now, and as a result sites such as Casino saga fans are gaining in popularity while their land-based counterparts suffer.

Nearby New York, however, could benefit from this as patrons crossing the Pennsylvania border enter into a no online-gambling zone, causing them to seek land-based alternatives.

In a time in which the economy is finally starting to recover, a new casino development could promise great things for Broome County โ€“ but America needs to consider its nation as a whole before representatives start putting plans into action which could be to the detriment of others.