Eric Holder heckled by protesters at church in Atlanta [VIDEO]

In a speech in Atlanta briefly interrupted by protesters Monday, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that new Justice Department guidance will aim to end racial profiling.

Holder spoke at Ebenezer Baptist Church in a town hall called The Community Speaks, which the church described as “a community dialogue that ties the killing of Michael Brown, the grand jury’s decision on Wilson and the case at large to the greater issues of racial profiling and discrimination targeting communities of color.”

Holder said that he would release details of the new Justice Department plan in the coming days.

In his speech, Holder discussed the often troubled and tense relationship between police officers and the communities they serve.

“Our police officers cannot be and cannot be seen as an occupying force disconnected to the communities that they serve,” Holder said.

Holder’s speech was briefly interrupted by a group of protesters, who shouted “No justice, no peace” and stormed out of the service.

Holder responded, “I ain’t mad at you” and continued his speech, urging the audience not to condemn the demonstration they had just seen.

Holder also stated that additional funding would be provided for body cameras on officers.