NYPD Arrest 2 Men for Police Threats [VIDEO]

Police arrested two men for threatening the New York Police Department, totaling in six arrests since a gunman shot and killed two officers on Saturday. Police charged 41-year-old Tyrone Mellville on Wednesday after he allegedly called Brooklyn’s 84th Precinct, where slain cops Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were based, and asked to speak to Ramos. Melville asked if the bullets had been removed from Ramos’ head so “he could kill more cops,” according to police spokesman Sergeant Carlos Nieves. Jose Maldonado, 26, was also charged on Wednesday for allegedly posting threats to kill police with images of weapons on his Facebook page. Four others have been charged with making terroristic threats or false 911 calls since the officers were killed by a man seeking revenge for the death of unarmed black men at the hands of white police officers.