Stephanie Moseley killed as Floyd Mayweather pled to spare her on FaceTime [VIDEO]

A horrific murder suicide took place in a swank Los Angeles apartment building on Monday, but the only character in this story you’ll have heard of before is champion heavyweight boxer Floyd Mayweather. TMZ reports that Mayweather was FaceTiming with his friend Earl Hayes, when Hayes threatened to kill his wife for cheating.

Hayes believed his wife, dancer and actress Stephanie Moseley, was having an affair with another rapper, reported by TMZ to be Trey Songz. Mayweather pleaded with Hayes not to shoot Moseley, but he shot her nearly 10 times anyway.

Neighbors heard the woman’s screams and the ensuing gunshots and called police. A SWAT team broke down the apartment door. But when Hayes heard them he fired two more times, killing himself with the last shot and scaring the SWAT team back out of the apartment.

Hayes and Moseley’s bodies were found in the bedroom, with the only witness to the grisly scene being Mayweather, who heard or saw the whole thing over FaceTime.