Suicide bomb attack: Kabul suicide bomber caught on camera [VIDEO]

Newly released security video shows the moment a Taliban suicide bomber entered police headquarters in the Afghan capital, Kabul intent on killing the chief of police on November 9.

The video shows the bearded bomber dressed in an ordinary grey suit, carrying an unremarkable blue folder and calmly taking the stairs to the third floor.

The assassin asked for directions to the chief of the police’s office, claiming he had something to discuss. He is understood to have hidden an explosive vest under his jacket.

Incredibly, not one of the police officers he passed was suspicious, and he was directed to the correct room.

As it happened, the police chief was not in his office that day. Nevertheless, the bomber detonated his vest immediately after opening the door. The blast killed one man and wounded six others.

The target, police General Zahir Zahir, suspects the bomber was aided by an infiltrator who made it possible for him to slip past heavily fortified police checkpoints.

General Zahir resigned in late November following a number of similar attacks.