1 Dead, 6 Injured At New Year’s Party In Canada [VIDEO]

Gunfire broke out at a New Year’s Eve party in western Canada, killing one and injuring six others.

About 50 people who identified themselves as members of African communities attended a New Year’s Eve party in Killarney, a quiet neighbourhood in southwest Calgary.

Police received multiple phone calls about the party shooting shortly after 5 a.m. Officers found five wounded partygoers in and around the house after arriving at the scene. Two others went to local hospitals on their own.

Officers brought 15 witnesses to the headquarters to assist with the investigation.

The victim, who died of gunshot wounds in the head, was identified as Abdullahi Ahmed, a man in his 20s.

Details about the mass shooting are scarce and authorities are still unsure about the number of gunmen involved. Some people had fled the scene before the arrival of officers, and police said the witnesses were not very cooperative.