2 Hostage Standoffs Unfold In France [VIDEO]

2 Hostage Standoffs Unfold In France - Two Killed in Paris Kosher StoreAt least two are dead after a terrorist took five people hostage inside a kosher grocery store in Paris on Friday, hours before the Jewish sabbath begins at sundown. The gunman, armed with an AK-47, is reportedly the same man who killed a French policewoman Thursday and is reportedly linked to the Charlie Hebdo killers. Those two men are holding at least one hostage inside a building near Charles de Gaulle Airport outside Paris. Police are on the scene in both locations.

photo: This combination of images released by the French police shows Hayat Boumeddiene (L) and Amedy Coulibaly (R), suspected of being involved in the killing of a policewoman in Montrouge on January 8. Coulibaly is also suspected to have taken a hostage at a kosher grocery store on Friday and killing two.