Expect A Punch From Pope Francis If You Offend His Mama [VIDEO]

While on a plane to the Philippines, Pope Francis made some comments about the recent Paris terrorist attack some think weren’t so holy.

When asked about the relationship between freedom of religion and freedom of expression, he had this to say.

β€œEveryone has not only the freedom and the right but the obligation to say what he thinks for the common good … we have the right to have this freedom openly without offending.”

But what happens when the expression does offend, such as what happened in the case of Charlie Hebdo?

β€œIt is true that you must not react violently,” he continued, β€œbut although we are good friends if he says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch, it’s normal.”

β€œYou can’t make a toy out of the religions of others,” he added. β€œThese people provoke and then something can happen. In freedom of expression there are limits.”

A Vatican spokesperson clarified that what the Pope said was, β€œin no way intended to be interpreted as justification for the violence and terror that took place in Paris last week.”

Once again, Francis’ words are making him look more like a lone wolf than the Shepherd of the Universal Church.