Georgia Couple Found Dead With Gunshots To The Head [VIDEO]

Cobb County police found the bodies of Bud and June Runion on Monday, not far from a McRae, Georgia lake from which they pulled the Runion’s SUV. The Georgia couple went missing three days prior. They were both found dead from gunshots to the head.

Last week Bud and June Runion posted an ad on Craigslist in the hope of finding a ’66 Ford Mustang. Ronnie Towns responded to the Runion’s ad on Craigslist and arranged to meet the couple. The problem, however, was that Town’s didn’t even own a ’66 Ford Mustang.

On Thursday the Runions drove three hours from Atlanta to McRae, Georgia, to check out the car and never returned.

After meeting with Towns at a diner to chat about the non-existent Mustang, the couple followed Towns in their vehicle. Police suspect that Towns led the Runions down a dirt road near McRae.

Towns is alleged to have then robbed and killed the couple.

The killer then ditched the Runion’s 2003 GMC SUV in a nearby lake, where it was recovered Sunday night by authorities searching for the couple.

Police retrieved the SUV from the lake and found the bodies of Bud and June Runion in a patch of woods nearby β€” both with a gunshot wound to the head.

Police traced the cell phone number that connected the Runions back to Towns, who allegedly only used the temporary phone to coordinate the Craigslist killing.

At first Towns was uncooperative with the investigation, but he turned himself in to authorities on Monday after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Towns is charged with lying to authorities, robbery and murder.