[VIDEO] ‘Historic’ Winter Storm Bearing Down on 57 Million People

On the east coast of the U.S.A., 57 Million people are in the path of a storm called ‘Historic’ by CNN, even though it hasn’t happened yet, so be prepared for a huge massive dump of snow and wind on your head if you live on the east coast. USA Today reports:

New York City could see up to 20 inches of snow Monday into Tuesday, the weather service predicted. Parts of New England could see 2 feet or more. High winds could cause whiteout conditions, bring down power lines and otherwise aggravate the weather disaster.

“This could be the biggest snowstorm in the history of this city,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a Sunday press conference. “My message for New Yorkers is prepare for something worse than we have ever seen before.”

Blizzard warnings were already in place in the New York City area, much of New Jersey and parts of southern New England.

Be safe LNC friends and stock up on the gerbil food!