[VIDEO] ISIS claims VIDEO showing boy executing Russian spies

Islamist terror group the Islamic State released the latest in its series of murder videos on Tuesday in which a child soldier is seen executing two men alleged to be Russian spies.

The latest slickly produced film shows two men confessing to spying on ISIS on behalf of the Russian intelligence service or FSB.

In the 8-minute long video one of the alleged spies admits to gathering intelligence on the Islamic State while the other says he was sent to assassinate an senior ISIS leader.

After the confessions, the video switches to the by-now familiar pattern of a Jihadist standing in a field behind the soon to be dead hostages.

However, this video differs from previous iterations as it also features a young boy as the executioner.

After quoting from the Koran, the adult fighter pushes the boy forward, who then uses a handgun to shoot the two hostages in the head.

Russian officials have declined to comment on the video, according to reports.