Jon Stewart Blasts NFL’s ‘f*cked up Priorities’ [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart slam the National Football League on Thursday for worrying about deflated balls and $500,000 penalties for players who won’t speak to the media instead of more serious issues.

“Are you f*cking kidding me? That’s ‘my company poured dioxin in a river’ money,” Stewart said of the fine Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch risked incurring this week. “How is it that this guy’s facing international drug cartel penalty money, but the owners and commissioner of the league have no obligation to address stadium financing shenanigans, or concussions, or domestic violence policies? Please tell me this is the stupidest iteration of the NFL’s f*cked up priorities.”

“It’s just classic NFL to be more worried about what happens on top of the player’s head than the damage that’s going on inside it,” Stewart argued. “It explains their slogan: ‘The National Football League: worrying about the wrong sh*t since 1920.’”