Jon Stewart: Do the Koch brothers want control of our democracy? [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart mocked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Wednesday for rushing to the defense of billionaires Charles and David Koch and their plan to spend nearly $900 million on the 2016 elections.

β€œYou may think to yourself, β€˜That’s f*cked up.’ Aren’t those guys gonna want something in exchange for spending the gross national product of many countries on one election cycle?” Stewart asked. β€œAnd is the thing that they want control over the levers of our democracy, or would they settle for handjobs?”

β€œIn fact, they’re the picture of benevolent god-kings,” Stewart said, motioning toward a picture of the Kansas-based siblings. β€œAll hail the clamshell brothers.”

β€œI think they should just have the $900 million run for office,” he suggested, before announcing, β€œGive it up for the next president of the United States: Johnny Actualcash.”

β€œApparently these motherf*ckers only fight here in America,” he observed. β€œApparently the only thing that can bring our divided political system together is Saudi Arabia.”