Jon Stewart On WinterStorm Juno Blizzapocalypsegeddon ’15 [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart mocked the coverage of the snowstorm: Snowpocalypse 2015 that hit New York City.

“Acknowledge that conditions had changed. Ease up on the breathless hype. Focus your attention on New England, where it was actually really snowing,” Stewart suggested. “Or desperately cling to the original narrative like dingleberries on a sheep’s ass.”

Stewart played clip after clip of reporters overreacting to small amounts of snow. However, he aimed his sharpest icicles at CNN, which sent Don Lemon out in a “Blizzardmobile.”

“Blizzardmobile? Settle down, Batman, it’s a Ford Explorer,” Stewart said. Then, referring to some of the highly controversial statements Lemon has made on the air recently, Stewart showed an image of the CNN reporter working from a Dairy Queen truck.

“And by the way, with the way you’ve been reporting lately, you’re lucky you’re not in an actual β€˜Blizzardmobile,’” Stewart said.