Jon Stewart Reacts To Miss Universe’s Selfie Controversy [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart responded to the pictures that have been igniting the middle east: After the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and the photoshopping of Angela Merkel out of the picture of the march in Paris by an ultra-Orthodox Jewish newspaper, Jon Stewart has started his own new recurring segment: “What Picture is Upsetting the Middle East This Week?”

“What picture will anger the Middle East this week? ISIS beheading? Ayatollah on the toilet hard-core ankle porn? What?” Stewart asked, only to answer: No, it’s a selfie that caused an international incident.

“It’s a beauty pageant– they’re all enemies!”

“I get that Israel and Lebanon share an intractable enmity. Come on, the Miss Universe Pageant? It’s the one chance in the whole year when all nations can put aside their differences, come together in Miami and as one treat women like expensive food instead of human beings.”