Meth Cook Gets Kicked In The Face By Missouri Police [VIDEO]

A Missouri drug task force officer may face consequences for kicking Timothy Whittle in the face during his arrest following a pursuit on foot.

The Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force suspected Whittle of manufacturing methamphetamine. When officers attempted to serve a warrant at Whittle’s residence, he fled in an SUV before switching to a black pickup truck.

Whittle abandoned the vehicle and continued his meth-fueled escape from officers Michael Chinn and Kip Bartlett through a field before he surrendered.

The police report identifies Bartlett as the officer who first subdued Whittle with a taser. A video taken from a helicopter shows Chinn approach and kick Whittle in the face.

The officers then get some cuffs on the suspect. Chinn can be seen driving Whittle’s face into the ground with his knee as he presses a stun gun to the suspect’s back.

When the officers prepared Whittle for transport, the video clearly shows the bloody damage caused by that first kick that mysteriously was not mentioned in the September 3 police report.

Rachel Russell, an attorney hired by the Whittles, says the family “looks forward to sharing the truth about police brutality.”