Mitt Romney Won’t Make a 3rd Presidential (Losing) Run

Picture Of Mitt Romney Pumping His Own Gas Makes A Splash On RedditDoes anyone care? Is Mitt Romney addicted to losing? Well at 11:00 AM ET Mitt Witt will make an announcement regarding his intentions. This is BREAKING NEWS (is it?)

**UPDATE** Mitt Romney will announce he will not run for President.

Mitt Romney plans to provide an announcement on his intentions about a third bid for the White House, according to multiple reports Friday morning.

Supporters of the 2012 Republican presidential nominee received an email late Thursday to join a call Friday morning, led by Romney, for β€œan update,” Bloomberg Politics and CNN reported Friday. Romney is ready to make a decision on a bid, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin reported.

β€œAccording to people familiar with the thinking of the two-time presidential candidate, Romney has now gathered all the information he needs to reach a conclusion about whether to run a third time,” Halperin reported.